Markus Pössel

Über Merkwürdigkeiten bei der Berechnung von Fließkommazahlen hatte ich ja bereits hier geschrieben. Darauf gekommen war ich wegen der Artikel von William Kahan, selbst so etwas wie der Vater der Fließkommarechnung, von dem auch die … Read more

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Guest blogger

Hitesh Gakhar, HLF13 participant: As both an undergraduate student and budding researcher, I am unsure as to how to express my immense gratitude towards being selected for HLF 2013. Even before the event had started, … Read more

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Dana Mackenzie

Today I had the real privilege of hearing Manuel Blum‘s talk at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum. It was about… “Wait a minute!” I hear you saying. “Manuel Blum didn’t give a talk at the forum!” … Read more

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Julie Rehmeyer

During the boat trip yesterday, I chatted briefly with Cédric Villani. The conversation was brief because he was in great demand, having arrived just the day before and leaving that evening. “Two days!” he said. … Read more

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