A problem with heights

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The view from Heidelberg Castle is stunning, if you don’t have a problem with heights.

View over Heidelberg centre
Picture: John D. Cook


This evening the HLF had a final reception at the Heidelberg Castle. I talked with one of the young researchers who was sitting against the wall, far from the edge of the terrace where the view was best. He explained to me that he has a problem with heights, a disabling problem.

He said that he was standing outside the reception when one of the laureates asked why he did not go into the party. The researcher explained his difficulty and the laurate empathized, saying in effect “I have the same problem. I developed it later in life. Why don’t we go into the reception together?”

That incident symbolizes what the HLF accomplished this week. The laureates that I spoke with this week were friendly and encouraging. I’m not at all surprised that one would offer to come along side one of the young attendees to help him through something difficult.

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