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I really enjoyed this year’s BCCN conference—just as much as I did the last year. For someone like me, who has done her masters within the BCCN framework in Germany and is now abroad for her PhD, the conference provides a fantastic opportunity to come back once a year and get up to date with the German community—both scientifically as well as personally. Not just the German community though, I felt very strongly during this year’s conference that the scope has extended way beyond Germany—or even Europe! Speakers as well as attendants came from all over the world, with fantastic talks from very distinguished scientists from other European countries as well as the US. I think this is a very good development, both because we get insights into all the exciting developments outside Germany, but also because it provides are wider platform for the German attendants to present their work.

If there is anything I would say in terms of improvements, I would like to see some more talk time for younger scientists. This year’s speakers did an excellent job, and were really refreshing and very interesting intermissions between the longer talks by the “big shots”. It would be fantastic if there were even more of them!

Another point that always delights me when coming to the Bernstein conference is the projects that are organized to appeal to the general public. Not only do I feel that it is our responsibility as scientists who receive tax payer’s money to also let the tax payers know what we are doing, but more importantly I have had the experience that when we give the general public an insight into our work, they take the opportunity happily and enthusiastically. So it was great this year’s conference offered several events, both in English and in German, to give an insight into what computational neuroscience is doing.

It only remains to say that the organization of the conference was flawless, we have been taken very good care off and have been provided all the essentials to enjoy the event: wi-fi, food,drink and sunshine (no importance implied in the order 😉 ).

I am very much looking forward to coming back again next year!


Anna Stöckl, PhD student at Lund University, Lund, Sweden


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