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Written by Julia Eberhardt and Wylder Green

As part of the HLF Blog, we are beginning the ‘What’s Trending’ series, which entails a list of blogs that are both relevant and informative for our alumni, future participants and anybody interested in math or computer science. Enjoy checking out the blogs that made it onto the introductory post and keep a look out for the next ‘What’s Trending’ post.

Katie Steckles, Peter Rowlett and Christian Perfect – The Aperiodical
The team at the Aperiodical maintains a highly informative mathematics blog, as well as being the creators of the Carnival of Mathematics. Katie Steckles, Peter Rowlett and Christian Perfect edit the blog and ensure that the entries’ content remains rich and that the hyperbole remains lean.

Alex Bellos – Adventures in Numberland
Alex Bellos has an innate story-telling ability that enables him to reduce complex subjects into something interesting and palatable for all levels of expertise. Between his mathematics blog and puzzle challenges, readers and fans readily find material that simultaneously sheds light and entertains.

Brian Hayes – Bitplayer
In addition to having published two books, Brian is the Senior Writer for American Scientist and past blogger of the HLF. While his blog covers a wide variety of topics, it centralizes around the themes of mathematics and computer science. Brian’s ‘amateur’s outlook’ invites readers to dive into whichever topic he has chosen to tackle.

Sir William Timothy Gowers – Gower’s Weblog
For all those who enjoy impeccably well written pure mathematics, HLF Laureate and Fields Medalist of 1998, Sir William Timothy Gowers Weblog is a must read! His no-nonsense posts dive straight into the heart of particular problems that lead directly to discussions with readers that raise questions in the comments section.

John D. Cook – The Endeavor
John is a consultant helping companies optimize their data, and the road that brought him there has led to a popular blog for both computer science and mathematics posts. He is a former HLF Blogger and was part of the inaugural conference’s blog team.

Gail Carmichael – The Female Perspective of Computer Science
Gail was part of the blog team at the 3rd HLF and is a software developer at Shopify. Her blog centralizes around her projects and providing a female perspective into the world of computer science.

A self-proclaimed ‘geek’ who is fascinated by mathematical problems and code. Hardmath123 also cares a great deal about computer science education and runs CS events in the Bay Area.

Mark Chu-Carroll – Good Math, Bad Math
Mark CC is the man behind ‘Good Math/Bad Math’, which gives him an outlet to praise the beauty of well-done mathematics and to expose those who broadcast poor mathematics and misinformation.

Artem Kaznatcheev – Theory, Evolution and Games Group
Artem believes in the ability of blogs and social media to be the future for professional science. The posts are loosely based around seven broad themes, but are not compartmentalized and limited to them.

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Wylder Bergman Green is a freelance writer, editor and translator. He received a degree in journalism, then moved to Germany from Texas in 2011 and worked for the HLFF communications team for over 7 years. He considers himself creative and enjoys telling stories with flowery language.

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