Poster Session at HLF

At the HLF, we are used to seeing laureates give lectures and meeting enthousiastic young researchers. However, the HLF is also an opportunity for young researchers to showcase their cutting edge research, and exchange their innovative ideas with both their peers and the laureates.

On Thursday, a Poster Flash session, where the young participants gave 2-3 minute presentations of their research, was followed by a Poster Session. We talked briefly to some of the young scientists, and got the feeling of what’s to come in the future in terms of research. For example: machine learning, robotics, mathematical models with high impact applications (like fingerprint identification), and graph theory applied to cryptography.

is a mathematician and illustrator (under the pseudonym E. A. Casanova). She is currently a Lecturer at the University of Düsseldorf, working in mathematical physics, at the interface of analysis and probability. She's responsible for the blog "The RAGE of the Blackboard", where she interviews female scientists and writes about life in academia. She's interested in comics, illustration, graphic recording and visual note-taking, and in applying all this in science communication. You can follow her on Twitter: @coni777

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