The 6th annual Heidelberg Laureate Forum ended with a tour, reception, and lovely dinner at Heidelberg Castle. It was a time for reflection and celebration for an amazing once-in-a-lifetime week for the students. As a … Read more

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Earlier this year, one of our colleagues made an interesting observation about the Wikiquote page for Mathematics. Wikiquote collects interesting and pithy statements, with references, and categorises them by subject. What our friend Colin had … Read more

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Since last year’s panel discussion on Women on Science, the HLF has made a conscious effort to include discussions on the subject among its activities.  Together with the exhibition “Women of Mathematics throughout Eruope”, Friday … Read more

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Netzwerke sind für das Heidelberg Laureate Forum das A und O. Zum einen im zwischenmenschlichen Sinne: mit dem HLF als Chance für junge Forscher, mit Preisträgern aus ihren Fächern und untereinander zu diskutieren, Erfahrungen auszutauschen … Read more

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