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The Abel Prize in mathematics, one of the awards whose laureates join us each year for the HLF, was originally proposed in 1899 as a complement to the Nobel prizes – to recognise achievement in … Weiterlesen

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While my training is in pure mathematics, I also have an appreciation of the way applied mathematicians make use of it. Maths can be deployed to understand, explain and predict the behaviour of real-world situations, … Weiterlesen

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One of the prizes awarded to HLF Laureates is the Nevanlinna prize – given every 4 years at the International Congress of Mathematicians, to celebrate outstanding contributions in mathematical aspects of information sciences. That is … Weiterlesen

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If you look up combinatorics on Wikipedia, it’s described as ‘a branch of mathematics primarily concerned with counting’. You might be forgiven for thinking, if you have studied maths at school level but not encountered … Weiterlesen

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