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BLOG: Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Laureates of mathematics and computer science meet the next generation
Heidelberg Laureate Forum
  • „Mathematics as one of the oldest 

and computer science as a very new

scientific dicipline provide the grounds of today’s highly engineered and modern life, and belong to our culture. Their social relevance will continue to grow.“

Klaus Tschira, Founder of the Klaus Tschira Foundation and spiritus rector of the HLF (Conference Folder)

  • „Please have mercy with your listeners“

Klaus Tschira, directed this to the Laureates who will talk the next days. They should be aware not everybody is a specialist in mathematics or computer sciences as they are.

  • Numbers

About 1/4 of the 200 young researchers from 49 countries are female. Most of them graduate as PhD.

  • Only 2,5 percent

of the participants are presumed to work into the same field as one participant does.

  • Mozart

was a far much better composer than any computer program can do, till today (my opinion).

  • Many people tweet with us

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Watch the Video of the Opening Ceremony

Beatrice Lugger

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ist stellvertretende Wissenschaftliche Direktorin des Nationalen Instituts für Wissenschaftskommunikation (Nawik), Karlsruhe. Sie koordiniert dieses Konferenzblog. Beatrice ist Diplom-Chemikerin und seit über 20 Jahren als Wissenschaftsjournalistin für diverse deutsche Magazine und Tageszeitungen aktiv. Als Social Media Expertin hat sie unter anderem die Scienceblogs in Deutschland aufgebaut. In ihrem Blog ‚Quantensprung‘ und in ihren Tweets als @BLugger schreibt sie vornehmlich über Wissenschaftskommunikation.

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