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Heidelberg Laureate Forum

This forum article specifies some rules and practices for commenting on the online and social media communication tools of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF). The netiquette makes not claims to completeness, and is subject to change.

Users of HLF’s online communication tools can participate and discuss subjects, express their opinions, or ask questions by using the various comment functions and posting functions. Thus the HLF encourages a diverse discussion between users, guests and editors.

The quality of the comments is more important than their quantity. So please consider the following:

  1. Good comments refer to specific reports or discussions.
  2. Clear arguments are used for justifying one’s own opinion, and your courteous behavior signals that there is no acceptance of any provocation.
  3. Any insinuations and defamations on reputation of either, person and business, are not permitted.
  4. An objective writing style is recommended, as the HLF must ensure the respectful treatment of each opinion. Any discriminating comment (sex, age, origin, language, religion or belief) will not be tolerated.
  5. Respect the copyright (text and picture), mark all citations, and check grammar and spelling before posting.
  6. Business or advertising references are not permitted.
  7. Contact addresses, telephone numbers and other personal data are not permitted.
  8. Please recheck your comment once again before sending. Does the comment express your intention? Could someone interpret it as an insult?
  9. Since the HLF communication team is alerted by email whenever something happens on any of the websites, HLF reserves the right to change or remove comments and/or posts, which can be perceived as offensive or violate the above rules and/or the courtesy and privacy of others.

Last but not least:

Your questions and hints to the editor’s team are not comments and, therefore, often disrupt a discussion.

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Wylder Bergman Green is a freelance writer, editor and translator. He received a degree in journalism, then moved to Germany from Texas in 2011 and worked for the HLFF communications team for over 7 years. He considers himself creative and enjoys telling stories with flowery language.