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is a mathematician and illustrator (under the pseudonym E. A. Casanova). She is currently a Lecturer at the CY Cergy Paris Universite, working in mathematical physics, at the interface of analysis and probability. She's responsible for the blog "The RAGE of the Blackboard", where she interviews female scientists and writes about life in academia. She's interested in comics, illustration, graphic recording and visual note-taking, and in applying all this in science communication. You can follow her on Twitter: @coni777


  1. Dear Constanza

    Thank you for this incredibly accurate illustration of the HLF hot topic. I would love to feature this image on my website. Is it possible to get an HD copy of the image with your signature (citation) on it. I want to make sure that you are known for your excellent work.

    Thank you.

    Prof Sheetal Silal

    • Dear Sheetal,
      Absolutely! I’ll contact you privately to arrange sending you the picture 🙂


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