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Dr. Larissa Suzuki is an award-winning and passionate computer scientist, inventor, and engineer. She holds a PhD in Computer Science, an MPhil in Electrical Engineering and a BSc in Computer Science. Her professional career includes +10 years advancing many fields of computer science and engineering, including smart cities, data infrastructures, emerging technology, and computing applied to medicine and operations research. She has worked for many organisations, including UCL, ARUP, IBM, UK Government, Bank of Brazil. She is an H Researcher at University College London and has worked for UK Government leading the development of technologies to support London’s growth and infrastructure delivery.  Since 2006 she's been actively working towards increasing the representation of women in Computer Science. She has founded multiple student/community societies, has served as a member of the Athena Swan Committee (UCL/Computer Science), co-organized the London Hopper Colloquium, and is a committee member of the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. Twitter: @LaraSuzuki