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BLOG: Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Laureates of mathematics and computer science meet the next generation
Heidelberg Laureate Forum
Q&A with 6 out of 200 young researchers participating at the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2014

Meet Yasuyuki Tsukamoto in this Q&A series with 6 out of 200 mathematicians or computer scientists participating at the 2nd Heidelberg Laureate Forum, September 21-26, 2014. 24 Laureates (Abel Prize, Fields Medal, Nevanlinna Prize, Turing Award) will attend the forum together with them. For a full week Heidelberg in Germany will be the hot spot of mathematics and computer science.

Image: Courtesy of Tsukamato
Image: Courtesy of Yasuyuki Tsukamato


Yasuyuki Tsukamoto

Nationality? Japan

Where are you based?  Kyoto University

What is your current position? I am a PhD student.

What is the focus of your research?  Combinatorial Geometry and Topology with applications to Theoretical Computer Science such as Polytopes and line arrangements, cellular automata on Penrose Tilings, and domain representations by Dyadic Subbases.

Why did you become a mathematician? I enjoy thinking deeply about abstract problems and imagining concepts that otherwise defy simple visualization.

Anything like a favourite project? I am working on geometric quantum logic and the configurations of subspaces prescribable by formulae. Concerning discrete geometry, I am very interested in oriented matroids which have complicated moduli spaces.

What about your life beyond research? I play GO and the piano. And I am interested in mathematics education as a means to share and pass my passion to students and pupils.

Why did you apply for the HLF14? I work on the interplay between mathematics and computer science. HLF provides the unique opportunity to meet and talk to the world’s greatest minds in both fields simultaneously.

What do you expect from this meeting? To both deepen and broaden my perspective on mathematics and computer science and to gain further inspiration for my future plans.

Any Laureates on your list you would definitely love to talk to? I am definitely curious about geometers like Michael Atiyah, Gerd Faltings, Vladimir Voevodsky, Shigefumi Mori as well as computer scientists like Stephen Cook, Daniel Spielman.

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