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Chemjobber has started a meme about the top 12 things you like about chemistry. Here are a few of mine (i usually don’t do memes, but this one is cool and it’s the International Year of Chemistry, so I’m allowed to).


1) There’s Chemistry in everything – from my kitchen to the dark gas clouds in outer space

2) Chemistry is just like invisible Lego

3) The way solvent condenses on the walls of a reflux condenser

4) Synthesis is almost magic

5) Chemistry may be mostly hard science, but it’s art as well, especially advanced synthesis

6) The origin of life is a profoundly chemical mystery

7) Which chemists will solve within our lifetimes

8) There is already an almost infinite number of compounds, and every day chemists create more

9) Understanding what those Nobel Laureates in chemistry and physics have actually done

10) Stuff with boron in it

11) That moment when a clean spectrum or crystal structure suddenly makes it all seem so simple

12) Oh yeah, and of course the sheer satisfaction of knowing all this amazing stuff about, well, everything


(via Curious Wavefunction)

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  1. Contra

    Top 6 Gründe, warum ich Chemie nicht mag:

    1) Ischämie ist oft schmerzhaft.
    2) Ischämisch ungern, lieber bin ich stolz.
    3) Das ist mir alles zu chematisch.
    4) Die Chemotherapie mit diesem C2H5OH hat immer so unberechenbare Nebenwirkungen.
    5) Diese zum Beispiel.

  2. Erinnert an wen?

    Genau. Blau.
    Better livin’ thru chemistry.
    Danke für Deine Geduld, ich überlass’ diesen Blogbeitrag jetzt den seriösen Schemieschlümpfen.

  3. Ich habe nur 6

    1)my wife is a chemistry teacher by education
    2)in 11th grade I stopped learning chemistry in school with the worst possible grade, but learned to love it now
    3)the most interesting things in my professional career as pr consultant are chemistry related
    4)chemistry made a major contribution for Bill Brysons most inspiring book “A short history of nearly everything”
    5)Uncle Tungsten is one of my favorite books
    6)the periodic table of elements is, well, elemental

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